Erica Bigland

Voice Actor

About Me

“You have a weird voice,” the cab driver told me. “I like it.”


I was thousands of kilometers from home, about to go to a recording session in Toronto for a demo reel. When we arrived at the studio he turned to face me.

“Can I ask you something?” He didn’t wait for a reply. “Why did you wait until now to become a voice actor?”

All my life I’d been told that my voice was weird, unique, like a 10 year old boy, like Fran Drescher, like Jennifer Tilly, like a Muppet, like Yeardley Smith. Although I started performing at the age of seven, my love for performance was at odds with how I felt about my voice.

After years of performing on stage—including the honour of performing improv alongside Colin Mochrie during Theatre of the World’s stop in Whitehorse—I slowly learned to embrace the gift of an unusual voice.

My voice.

I started taking voice lessons and sought coaching from the wonderful, inspiring, and effervescent Stevie Vallance...

It was time to pursue my passion.

My Voice

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I'm proud to be based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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I'm represented by Lissa Lloyd, Senior Agent at Lloyd Talent.
Phone: 604.880.9898